Aeropress vs. French Press: 10 Differences to Consider

The debate between Aeropress versus French Press has been ongoing for some time, and this article will help break it down for you.

By exploring both brewing methods, discussing the pros and cons of each one, and offering general advice on coffee preparation, we can help you understand which method is best for you.

Aeropress vs. French Press

Aeropress and a French Press

Brewing coffee can be an art form, and the type of equipment you use makes all the difference in flavor. Two popular brewing methods are Aeropress and French press, each with its own unique characteristics.

For those looking to explore their home brewing options, it’s important to understand what sets these two methods apart.

The Aeropress method is relatively new compared to the French press method and uses air pressure to extract coffee from a single-serving filter paper or metal filter. This method produces a cup of coffee that has a balanced sweetness, body, and acidity due to its short brew time of around 3 to 4 minutes.

The plastic device also requires minimal cleanup since the grounds are completely sealed off during brewing. When you’re done, you’ll shoot your coffee ground puck into the trash.

With a French press, you’ll pour hot water directly onto your grounds, let sit for about four minutes, press down and pour your cup.

Coffee Brewing Basics

Are you trying to decide between the Aeropress and French press for your home brewing needs? Both offer great flavors, but some subtle differences can help you make an informed decision.

Let’s take a closer look at both methods and what they have to offer.

The Aeropress is a fast and convenient way of brewing coffee that offers users a consistent flavor every time. It uses pressure-driven technology, which helps extract all of the flavors from the grounds while requiring minimal effort on your end. Plus, it is easy to clean and store away when not in use.

On the other hand, the French press is a more traditional way of brewing coffee that has stood the test of time for good reason.

You can’t go wrong with either one, but you might have a preference after trying both.

Aeropress Coffee Overview

The Aeropress is an increasingly popular coffee brewing device that has been gaining traction as a go-to method for home baristas. It’s easy to use, portable, and requires fewer resources than some other competing methods.

But how does it compare to the French press?

First up is the Aeropress. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, a Stanford University Engineering lecturer. This revolutionary device uses air pressure to extract flavor from coffee grounds quickly and easily with minimal effort on the part of the user.

The result is coffee that has a rich flavor but also retains its natural acidity while avoiding bitterness or other undesirable characteristics of traditional brewing methods.

The Aeropress is also incredibly portable and inexpensive, making it a great option for travel and camping. You can find the Aeropress at Amazon here.

One of the biggest benefits of the Aeropress and French press is that it lets you brew strong, rich coffee without adding any extra flavors from paper filters or having to make a ton of coffee at one time.

French Press Coffee Overview

The French press is one of the oldest and most popular brewing methods in the world. This classic form of coffee preparation has been around since 1929 and continues to be a great way to make a cup of delicious coffee.

With its simple design, it’s easy to see why this method of brewing is so beloved by many coffee aficionados.

The French press uses a more traditional hands-on approach compared to more modern methods such as the Aeropress. The process starts with coarsely ground coffee beans being placed in the carafe along with hot water, stirred, and left for four minutes before pushing down on the plunger through a mesh filter that traps grounds at the bottom.

This process allows for oils, acids, and other flavorful elements from within the beans to remain present in your cup, giving you a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

You can see the current price of the French press above here.

Pros & Cons Comparison

When it comes to brewing coffee, two classic methods are the Aeropress and French press. Both have their own set of pros and cons that should be considered when deciding which one you want to use for your morning cup of joe.

The Aeropress is a modern take on traditional espresso makers, while the French press uses an immersion method for steeping grounds in hot water.

While both offer flavorful cups of coffee, there are some key differences between them that make each unique.

The Aeropress has a few advantages over the French press that make it very attractive to some coffee lovers. It’s quick and easy to use; just put your chosen grounds into the chamber and add hot water before pressing down on the plunger to extract your espresso shot.

While we say that the Aeropress is the modern take on espresso, please know that it will not give you the same flavor or body as a real espresso machine. That can only be achieved with a pump espresso machine. You can come close without spending money on an expensive machine. But for that, you need to look into a Moka pot.

Want to know how to make espresso without a machine? In our article, How To Make Cappuccino at Home Without a Machine. We go into detail on how to use a Moka pot to make drinks that require espresso.

What’s Better for Traveling

The Aeropress is lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble, making it an ideal candidate for any journey. It also requires minimal cleanup and it’s easy to use; just add hot water and espresso grounds, and voila!

The materials are also durable enough to withstand being thrown around in your luggage or backpack. It’s made of plastic, so you’re not it’s not going to shader while in your pack.

On the other hand, the French press is often made of glass, so it’s not as conducive for packing away in suitcases or backpacks as its plastic counterpart. I also have this medal French press that I use to take camping, before I bought an Aeropress.

You can see if this medel French press is still avalblie here.

Coffee Flavor And Quality

Coffee lovers everywhere have debated the merits of Aeropress vs. French press for years in pursuit of the perfect cup. Both brewing methods offer a variety of flavors, but which one delivers on quality?

To answer this question, we must look at how each method extracts flavor and aroma from the beans.

Aeropress is an immersion brewing technique that uses pressure to extract a bold and intense cup of coffee with low-acid content. The Aeropress also allows you to adjust water temperature and steep time, giving you more control over your brew.

On the other hand, the French press uses a coarser grind than other brewing methods and relies on steeping time instead of pressure to draw out the flavor. This method produces a full-bodied cup with higher acidity levels.

So which one offers better flavor and quality? I go back and forth on what I love the most. Some days, it’s the French press. Other days I feel like coffee from my Aeropress, it just depends.

Cost Considerations

Cost is a key consideration for many coffee lovers. No one like to waste money.

Both tools are designed to produce a great cup of coffee – but at what price? The Aeropress offers an affordable alternative with prices ranging from $30 to $45, depending on the retailer. In contrast, the French press typically costs between $40 and $100 depending on the size and quality of materials used in its construction.

The Aeropress offers some unique features that may be worth considering when deciding what type of device to purchase. For example, it takes up less counter space than a traditional French press.

Additionally, you can use paper filters with an Aeropress for a cleaner cup compared to the coarse grinds left behind by a French press. But you’ll have to buy the paper filters once and while. They are cheap for the most part. You can see the current price of the paper filter here.

Wrapping Up

The debate between Aeropress and French Press is one that has been raging for years. Both have their own distinct advantages, making it hard to decide which is best for your personal coffee needs.

In conclusion, the choice between an Aeropress or French Press really comes down to a matter of preference and what you are looking for in terms of flavor, convenience, and cost.

The Aeropress offers a unique method of brewing with its pressure-brewing system resulting in a smooth cup of coffee with less acidity. The convenience factor makes it ideal for travelers wanting to make quick cups of joe on the go.

In contrast, French presses offer excellent flavor but require more time and effort when it comes to clean up. So, which is the best? I say, why not both!

You can see the current price of the Arowpress I use here. As well as the current price of the French press I use here.


Is AeroPress grind the same as French press?

They use similar grind settings, but the resulting cup of coffee can be quite different.

AeroPress requires a finer grind than a French press, usually about the size of table salt or sugar crystals. This smaller particle size allows for more contact between water and grounds, creating a much richer flavor than its counterpart.

On the other hand, the French press uses a coarser consistency that is more like sea salt in size; it’s less uniform than with an AeroPress but can still create bold flavors when done correctly.

Is AeroPress worth the hype?

The Aeropress recently gained hype for its convenient design and affordability. I love both methods and wouldn’t throw out any for the other. But that said, I can tell that an Aeropress coffee is smoother than French Press.

I don’t always drink Aeropress coffee because some mornings I feel like having a strong cup of coffee that French press makes.

Why Is my AeroPress so hard to push down?

Brewing coffee is an art form, and there are many techniques to achieve the perfect cup.

The AeroPress offers a great way to craft a delicious cup of coffee quickly, but it can be hard to push down.

The main reason why pushing down on an AeroPress can be challenging is due to its unique design. This design pushes the water through a paper filter that uses pressure in order for the water and grounds to mix at the right temperature for optimal extraction.

If it seems hard to press down you might be pushing too hard. Just let your hand guide the cylinder down slowly.

Should you tamp an Aeropress?

No, Aeropress is an immersion brewing system; it’s not espresso.

Espresso needs to be tamped so that the 9-bar pressure of pressure that’s applied does not dissolve the puck. You are not going to get anywhere near that pressure in an Aeropress, so tamping is not required.

Make sure to check out our article on different types of coffee beans. You might be surprised on what you’re missing out on.

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