15 Reasons Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea: Because tea sucks!

Everybody is different and enjoys different things. Sometimes there isn’t a definitive answer on which thing is better than the other. 

Except for this, coffee is better than tea!

These sorts of debates tend to get messy when you get in front of them. Both beverages have a high fanatic presence embedded deeply within different cultures throughout the entire world. 

Basically, they’re both ancient and have both hold significant roles in history. So, let’s get our hands dirty and dive right into the ring!

In one corner, we have coffeeA cowboy classic that comes packed with a hell of a wallop. A recent study showed that 80% of all Americans enjoy a morning cup of joe, accumulating 400 million cups of coffee per day. This adds up to almost 146 billion cups per year! That’s just in the United States.

It’s a timeless beverage that prevents an unknown amount of traffic felonies during early morning commutes.

In the other corner, we have tea. A laid back yet fierce competitor in this battle of the beverages. Tea has been around a little longer. It’s officially dated back to the 10th century. But some believe it’s been utilized much earlier than that. 

To me, tea has always seemed like the mature older brother to coffee. It’s calm, mild, and always appropriate. 

With that being said, I will never see a day when I prefer tea over coffee. Don’t get me wrong; I love tea! In fact, I’m drinking it right now as I’m writing an article on how coffee is better than tea. 

It’s nothing personal! It comes loaded with antioxidants, and it’s relaxing to drink at night. But I feel most of the time it doesn’t scratch that itch, you know? It doesn’t have the depth (or the caffeine) that coffee has. 

Coffee can sometimes be a wild card, depending on how or who made it. But isn’t that why we love it!

Ok, let’s get into it. Let’s explore all the avenues on why coffee is superior to tea.


Which Coffee Brewing Method Has the Most Caffeine

I want to get the most obvious reason out of the way.

Caffeine is a little strange when you think about it. It’s literally a drug that stimulates your central nervous system and ignites those dormant boosters.

It’s a listed performance enhancer that is perfectly acceptable for ingesting in full view of the public eye. Some people even get addicted to it! But it’s 100% safe in moderation and has successfully turned the world around for hundreds of years.

Caffeine tags along with certain teas, but their concentrations pale in comparison to coffee.

The average cup of coffee (8oz) contains about 90 to 95 mg of caffeine, while a cup of tea possesses 45 to 50 mg.

The increased caffeine may cause a mild diuretic effect by increasing blood flow to the kidneys, prompting them to produce and expel more water. But this shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It takes a lot of coffee to dehydrate. 

You still receive a boost of energy when drinking tea, but it’s more of a slow and easy ride, like a Ferris Wheel, while coffee is more like a roller-coaster, instant adrenaline.

Honestly, I’ve had some rough mornings where tea would just annoy me. Sometimes you need that instant gratification that coffee so effortlessly provides. 

For more on the best time to drink coffee, check out our article, This Is How Long to Wait After Waking Up to Drink Coffee.

You should maintain a daily cap of 400 mg of caffeine a day, but going over a little won’t kill you. This means that you can hit that mark within 4 cups of coffee, depending on how large your cups are. 

So, if you enjoy sipping throughout the day and night, tea might be a better idea. But coffee curates fast results and is the obvious choice for helping kick those neurons into gear. 

If you feel jittery while drinking coffee, try adjusting your brew before turning coat to the tea side. 

The Coffee Ritual

latte vs other coffee drinks

For me, the process of making my morning joe is just as satisfying as sipping on it. I recently bought a Moda pot, and I’m in love with this thing!

It’s part of the whole thing! It’s why I hate having to stop for coffee somewhere else. I don’t get the satisfaction of making it myself.
I feel the same way about tea. There isn’t really a satisfying habitual feeling when brewing it.

Sure, tea is excellent. But you don’t get that aroma that fills your kitchen in the morning while opening that airtight coffee bean container. Or the feeling of scooping freshly ground beans and placing them gently into the filter or a French Press.

I take my time, and it’s a fantastic start to my day.

Even the sound of the coffee maker wakes me up a bit. Maybe I have a problem…

There are so many ways to brew coffee too! You’ve got French press’s, espresso machines, AeroPress, stovetop tools, siphon rigs, and of course, the reliable drip coffee maker. 

You don’t always need to opt for the overachiever brewing coffee. I tend to use a simple coffee maker, but I like knowing the options exist. 

why Coffee is better than tea

Tea is more straightforward with minimal brewing options. You can find different techniques and methods for steeping, but the process is generally the same. No thanks! 

A few years ago, I managed to get a bit of traveling in. All the while, I carried a French press with me. It felt so satisfying still grinding and pressing my coffee each morning while on the move. 

It’s like a decadent meal, always much more rewarding when prepared by yourself.

These are all aspects that can be lost dabbling with tea. I’m sure there are all sorts of techniques and artsy approaches in making tea, but I’m not afraid of being biased about this topic.

Flavor and Aroma of Coffee

Good Times With a Coffee and a Book.

I will fight tooth and claw defending this! 

I’ve had some pretty delicious tea before, but I can’t even imagine it coming close enough to the best coffee. Coffee has such an iconic aroma to it.

Even when I was a child, I was not too fond of coffee when I mistook it for a glass of coke. But even then, I loved going to the grocery store with my mom and drifting through the java aisle, absorbing the hypnotic aromas. 

Tea can smell good too, but it always has an earthy scent that tends to linger. Spiced tea can smell amazing, especially around the holidays. But its scent doesn’t lift me out of bed and elegantly down the stairs like a cartoon, quite like coffee does. 

Coffee aroma is the universal sign for “let’s get up and go” and awakes the entire household. Truly timeless. 


pressed espresso
Coffee Has More Antioxidants Than Tea.

These little buggers are tiny molecules that help suppress potentially harmful compounds from wreaking havoc (also known as free radicals). They help police the body, and coffee is loaded with them. 

Now before I’m verbally attacked, I’m aware that tea has antioxidants as well. Some believe you receive even more from tea than coffee. This can be true, to an extent. 

Cup for cup, coffee has more antioxidants than tea (coffee:200-550 mg, tea:150-440mgs). The reason folks believe it contains more is that tea can be sipped on constantly, rather than coffee which requires moderation. 

Coffee contains two primary antioxidants, Hydrocinnamic acidsand Polyphenols. They are true powerhouses that can help prevent certain cancers and foreign anomalies.

In 2010, the BMC Nutritional Journal performed an analysis of over 3,000 foods and drinks. Coffee ranked 11th in antioxidant concentration. That same year, E.G.C.N. (European Journal of Nutrition) participated in a similar test, finding that coffee was the #1 beverage for antioxidant intake.  

Weight Loss

Although the science is still a little murky, coffee is known to help trim up that summer bod. Of course, that is without loading it up with sugar and French vanilla creamer. 

Caffeine is the main contributor to this effect. It trends as a vital ingredient in all sorts of weight loss medications and supplements. 

Caffeine is known to boost your metabolism temporarily. 

It causes the body to warm up, mimicking digestion, burning calories in the process. This is called thermogenesis.

It can also suppress your appetite for a brief period. 

Always be cautious when using caffeine for weight loss. (remember, the daily intake is between 400-450 mg)

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Coffee Has Natural Oils

keto coffee

Both beverages may contain caffeine and antioxidants, but coffee beans are loaded with natural oils activated during the brewing process.

This is a big strikeout for tea drinkers.

Not only are these oils responsible for that magical aroma and flavor, but they can also provide vitamins that are good for your skin.

Although these oils begin to diminish after the initial roast, the results will speak for themselves.

Coffee is Very Customizable

Classic example of a latte

There is no limit to the variations of coffee being sold today, especially in the internet age.

Baristas now have countless options on an endless list of java beverages. The first time I went to a legit coffee shop, I was overwhelmed. They had options for their options! Even the latte art they provided was an unexpected joy to my day.

From Americanos to flat white lattes, you can always order exactly what you are in the mood for.

This is where I feel tea is lacking. There aren’t too many ways to play around with it. If you’re really in the mood, you can find a coffee creamer that will turn your cup of joe into a birthday cake.

Pre-Workout Coffee

Person running on a hiking trail

For those fitness fanatics out there, coffee might help give you that boost you’re looking for.

As we know, coffee is a stimulant. It increases your heart rate and pinpoints your focus, which is fantastic before a workout. Not only does the caffeine help burn fat, but the stimulated adrenal glands provide increased performance in the gym.

It’s best to drink it about 30 to 45 minutes before a workout, letting it digest and properly display its effects.

It’s a far healthier alternative to those mystery powders sold in stores.

The Culture Around Coffee

I’m not blind to the fact that tea has very sociable notoriety. To me, it just doesn’t feel the same!

Coffee loosens you up. It fires off those synapsis’ that turn a regular conversation into a deep dive analysis of anything you can think of.
There’s a reason that the term “coffee break” was much easier to introduce than “teatime.” It’s basically alcohol that doesn’t get you drunk.

This brings me to my following reason.

No, A Hot Toddy is Not Better Than Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

I’m going to make this one swift.

I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion but come on! This one is common courtesy!

A warm and creamy cup of coffee with a sweet bite of Irish whisky or hot leaf water with rum swirled inside…the winner is obvious.

You Can’t Make Milkshakes with Tea

Well, you can, but it’s not the same. 

Would you really order a green tea shake over a caramel mocha frappe! Or strawberries and cream! 

Sure, these are terrible for us, but sometimes you’ve got to live a little.

Donuts Don’t Go with Tea

donuts and coffee
Donuts and Tea? I Don’t Think So!

Enough said!

You most definitely don’t dip donuts in your black tea, but that’s exactly the problem. Coffee and donuts have a more loving relationship than PB&J.

Cooking With Coffee

Coffee helps in ways other than being a delicious beverage. Coffee has lots of applications in the kitchen.
It’s a key ingredient in all kinds of desserts, like tiramisu and coffee ice cream (cue the drooling emoji).

It even works as an effective meat tenderizer and will help clean cast iron pans.

In this article we go over unusual ways of using coffee, including painting with it.


This oil is loaded with beneficial compounds, but its oily texture makes it difficult to add to anything except shakes and coffee. 

This is additive is incredibly rich with supplements called triglycerides. It’s a form of fat that quickly absorbs into the bloodstream. It boosts energy and can even improve cognitive thought. It’s all-around good for your body. 

If you’d like to read up on MCT oil and it’s benefits, Bullet Proof Coffee as a good article on it.

Wrapping Up

So, are you convinced in the argument of coffee vs. tea that our beloved java is the best? Let me know your thoughts on weighing in on this subject down below in the comments.

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